About Frigitek – An Energy Control Equipment

Work on the Frigitek first began in 1998 after becoming aware, quite by accident, of the amount of heat that is produced by shaded-pole evaporator fan motors. Early development work was carried out in Sacramento, CA.

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Energy Control Equipment established a laboratory in Watsonville, California in 2000. The centerpiece is a conventional walk-in refrigerator box that has been fitted with two completely separate systems. One system is used to operate as a freezer, the other for above-freezing temperatures. Dedicated kilowatt-hour meters and other instrumentation are used to accurately determine the Frigitek’s impact on system efficiency under various operating scenarios.Initial research accurately determinined the Btu output of a large variety of fan motors, and the effect which applying the Frigitek concept would have on energy used. Design of the Frigitek’s first single-phase model followed soon after.

In addition to the laboratory tests, approximately a hundred field test installations of prototype equipment were made to evaluate “real world’ applications of the Frigitek concept.

To accurately assess the benefit of the Frigitek, Energy Control engineers designed a device that monitors compressor run time over a given test period. This Duty Cycle Analyzer (DCA) would typically be used to measure compressor hours for one week with the fan control unit turned off and a second week with it on. From this information, the percentage of savings could be determined. This device has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Frigitek to many skeptics.

Finally, in March of 2001, several beta test installations were made using the current Frigitek design and Duty Cycle Analyzers. After a few months of monitoring these installations, marketing of the Frigitek to the general public was begun.

Almost from the beginning, as the single-phase Frigiteks were being promoted, there were requests for a three-phase version from potential users, refrigeration contractors and service companies. After more than two years of research and design, the Three-Phase Frigitek was finally completed in 2005.

And, in 2008, the Frigitek ECM Controller was introduced. This Controller applies the Frigitek concept to the new EC Motors, resulting in dramatic reductions in power use for these already highly energy-efficient motors.

The Company uses independent Sales Representatives in its sales efforts, and is always interested in recruiting new people to assist in sales of the Frigitek.

Energy Control Equipment, Inc. was incorporated in March of 2000. It is a privately held corporation, and has no plans to offer sale of its stock to the public.