About Frigitek

Frigitek Brand
Packaged Refrigeration Systems is excited offering the Frigitek Walk-In to the masses. The resources spent over the past decades to develop this concept has been well worth it. We have engineered, verified, and tested Frigitek since the 90’s; by laboratories in California, by institutions such as Pacific Gas & Electric, Energy Control Equipment, KEMA, and in markets across the United States and Canada. Finally, the expertise and experience of PRS allowed for the launch of the industry’s first Energy Efficient Walk-In System.
Frigitek Value
Walk-In refrigerators and freezers can account for 40-60% of an electric bill, and our technology changes that reality. In addition, Frigitek provides more savings than a conventional Walk-In System because; less efficient equipment uses more energy to produce pre-programed RPMs, heat created by overwork of equipment causes faster degradation, and maintenance frequency is increased. We compared the Total Cost of Ownership of a conventional 40’x40’x12’4” Walk-In Refrigerator, to that of a Frigitek Walk-In Refrigerator over 10 years; our technology saved the customer over $40,000.
Frigitek Ownership
Most customers are hard pressed to pay for a system out of pocket, but even those customers that aren’t appreciate our financing options. One of our programs allows for system ownership with no up-front cost or risk, and system payments are made with the energy savings. If you don’t have savings you don’t pay. This method is preferred because Cost of Ownership is constant, and payments are redirected from a source of predictable expense to predictable savings, which trumps cash in hand when considering ROI.