Growing an excellent product is not good enough in today’s market. The product needs to arrive at its destination as close to fresh picked as possible to allow successful marketing on the receiving end. If you don’t currently pre-cool your product, or use cooling facilities and methods that don’t do an adequate job then you may be experiencing heat related problems. Pre-cooling can help eliminate these problems, drastically reducing the percentage of loads rejected and adding value to your product, thereby increasing your profit margin significantly.

Clients who purchase equipment are initially concerned with the monthly cost of financing and rightfully so. Soon they find that the equipment pays for itself in reputation, increased quality, longer shelf life, appearance, and most importantly a broadened shipping market. They find it to be an essential part of their production and shipping scheme. Many customers can and do ship coast to coast. When your product is cooled properly and efficiently, your reputation for shipping quality product spreads and your customer base increases. Reputation for producing quality product and the ability to ship that product anywhere, any time equals higher sales. Perhaps allowing you to ship product to markets which have higher prices.

Many customers are findng a well designed chiller system can save upto 50% of the monthly power cost to cool a facility.   Our use of cooling towers or evaporative condensing systems greatly reduces the monthy power cost, as well as to extend the life of the equipment by running at lower pressures and temperatures.

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